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Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited

Hisoft has done a great job in bridging a gap between the employers ...
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Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited

Hisoft has done a great job in bridging a gap between the employers ...
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Our accounting software (Smart Cashbook) has been 17 existing clients whose are located locally and internationally. Smart Cashbook is online based accounting software has three (3) Editions like:

  • Standard Edition for small and Medium Organization which have only General Accounts features.
  • Professional Edition for Small and Medium Organization with integration which have mandatory General Accounts with Inventory or Payroll.
  • Enterprise Edition for Small, Medium and large Organization provide unlimited solutions and integration with other applications which have mandatory General Accounts with Inventory and Payroll.

Smart Cashbook all edition have exceptional Quality provide with affordable price.If consider about our software can you:

  • Request for Demo
  • Request for Quotation
  • Apply for free training

Why Smart Cashbook is favorites as yours online accounting software because we customized following features and Integrations with other applications:

Accounting Solution:
  • Voucher Entry ( Debit,Credit, Journal, Contra)
  • List of accounts (A/C Ledger,Control Ledger,Sub-Ledger)
  • Payable and Receivable
  • Sales and Purchase Register
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Budget Prepared (Monthly/Yearly)
  • Cash and Bank Book (Details/ Summary)
  • Outstanding Payable and Receivable Group wise / Ledger wise
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Accounts Ledger Statement
  • Receipt and Payment Statement
  • Income and Expenditure Statement
  • Balance Sheet (Concise)
  • Trial Balance Statement
  • Fixed wealth Schedule
  • Financial presentation Report
  • Employee's Salary Scale
  • Monthly Salary Statement
  • Monthly Bank Statement for All Employee
  • Provident Fund
  • Income Tax Preparation
  • Monthly Cash/Cheque Statement
  • Year-End Increment Statement
  • Advance Payment against salary
  • Festival Bonus Statement
  • Pay Slip
  • List of Inventory Item
  • Barcode Print Option
  • Categories/Group Information
  • Multiple Locations/Store
  • Batch-wise with Expiry Date handling
  • Stock Items classification
  • Supplier detail & Item Packaging
  • Item Picture and Attachment
  • Daily Sales Report (Details/Summery)
  • Material Receive
  • Inventory/Stock Status
  • Daily Date wise Collection Report
  • Reorder Status with reminder on Home Page
  • Auto invoice creation from order to invoice
  • Clients-wise worth arrangement for Item / Items Groups
  • Movement Analysis - for Item,Party,Manufacturer & Brand wise /
  • ledger & Item wise purchase analysis and sales analysis
  • Sales register and purchase register
  • Store, group, category and Batch wise stock summary
  • Item-wise Gross Profit
  • Transparency of Information within the Database Program
  • More Easier to maintain the whole activities
  • Multi-user support system
  • Data security, cannot be hacked
  • Maintain separate identity for each user
  • Maintain user activity log in all transaction
  • User accessibility to searching the Progress of Status
  • Maintain Budget for the each Project
  • Unique Home Page - instant snapshot of your Business
  • Smart Manu & Report (Business Intelligence Reporting)
  • Unique Reports Gallery - single click access to all reports
  • Export of Invoice and Vouchers to Microsoft Excel
  • Memorized Last Voucher Printing
  • Transaction / Item / Ledger History Reports
  • Easy Mode Payment & Receipt entry
  • Auto-Backup of data
  • Auto generation of Price List from existing Price List
  • Very simple and easy to maintain
  • Year-wise Data Backup and Restore
  • Track Project Status

So think imazine what accounting software is best for a small business?