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Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited

Hisoft has done a great job in bridging a gap between the employers ...
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Home > Enterprise Solutions > SharePlus Enterprise Edition

SharePlus - Share BackOffice Management System :
A complete software solution on Back Office Management (SharePlus) for the Share Department, which provides the up-to-date shareholding position and other necessary statement which will be covered all sort of compliance under the regulatory board.

Objective: SharePlus will ensure its accuracy and fulfill all requirements of the system if the user handles the system properly. This system is prepared for helping the user to operate the company share system. In order to work with the system, the user must follow the steps. Using our system, we are managing successfully with AGM Attendance, Data Calculation & Processing, and Courier Distribution Tracking, Dividend (Cash & Stock) processing & printing, etc. Recently we also induced the post issue management in our system like IPO Share, Right Share, Stock/Cash Dividend, etc.

Standard/Enterprise Edition : According to our valuable client’s demand SharePlus is now available in 2 (Two) different Edition which are Standard and Enterprise. Standard Edition provides the regular activities/functionalities and Enterprise Edition provides more extended features and functionalities than Standard Edition which has no limited features; i.e., Enterprise Edition will be covered all sort of necessary solutions & services (A-Z features and functionalities).

SharePlus – Enterprise Edition (Extended Application) :
Shareholder At-A-Glance
Corporate Action
Communication with Shareholder
Document Image Capturing and Archiving
Document Distribution Summery with Graphical Presentation
Document (Courier) Distribution History
Declaration of Dividend (Cash and/or Stock)
Define Bank and Branch using the Routing-No and Bank-Sorting
Bank Payment Entry with Reconciliation
Return from Bank of Beneficiary
Scrip Certificate Balance History
Share Transfer related report (Optional)
Folio wise and CDBL Data BO wise Share calculation
Prepare AGM related work (i.e. attendance list, Label print for Courier)
Bonus Share Calculation and Bonus Credit Entry with Reconciliation
List of Lot Bonus and Stock Dividend
Fractional Share Calculation
Bank Reconciliation for Stock Dividend and Cash Dividend
Monthly Share holders list
Annual Return for Register of Joint Stock Company
Percent Wise Shareholders Report
Group Wise Shareholders Report
List of Demat Issues and Remat Issues
Customized Reporting
Folio wise and CDBL BO wise data processing
Different Reports for RJSC, SEC, DSE, CSE

Back Office (for Security Purpose) :
Administrative Control
Change User Password
User privilege for Module wise functionality

Shareholder (Folio/BO) Information :
Transferor/Transferee Information
Shareholder Search (By Registered Folio)
Shareholder Search (By Shareholder Name, Address, Contact Number, Father/Mother)
Certificate Search Against Folio
Shareholder at a Glance
<> Shareholder Detail Information
<> Document Distribution (Courier) Status
<> Bank Payment Status (Reconciliation)
<> Dividend Distribution/Payment Status
<> Scrip Certificate (Worksheet) Status
<> Bonus Share Credit Status
<> Corporate Action Plan or Monitor
<> Communication History
<> Retrieve the Signature

Certificate (Scrip Share) Information :
Certificate Information
Edit Certificate
Folio wise Certificate Balance
Certificate Complaint
Remat Certificate Entry
Certificate Print
Scrip Certificate Balance Status - Maintain some parameter: Certificate Number, No. of Shares, Distinction number (Start and End), Certificate Status (Scrip, Demat, Lost, Stop and Remat), BOID, Demat Date, Remarks.

CDBL Reconciliation :
BO wise shareholding position
Dematted Data Import from CDBL Database (RT21)
Security Movement - Data import from CDBL (RT85)
Upload Share Holding Position (RT14)
Upload Address Label Process (RT03)
Upload data to SharePlus DB for Lock Permanently.
Demat Certificate List
Demat Summery Statement

Dividend (Cash) Process :
Dividend Warrant Setup (Apply Dividend Rate/Tax deduction Amount)
Edit Dividend Warrant (By Warrant No./Folio)
Statement of Tax Deduction for Different Person
Declaration of Cash Dividend or Fraction Amount: A shareholder can take his update regarding cash dividend/ stock dividend through this function
Dividend Distribution: It is use to calculate dividend fraction of individual shareholder on dividend declaration
Dividend Payment History (Phase wise)
Dividend Reconciliation (Category wise)
Duplicate (Re-Issue) Warrant preparation
Search Dividend by Warrant No.
Search Dividend by Folio/BOID.
Dividend Warrant Statement Print
Print Individual Dividend Warrant

Bonus Share Process :
Bonus Credit Entry with Reconciliation: through this feature we get to know if the bonus is being credited to BO account or not
Bonus Share Setup (Folio/Certificate/Share)
Define Dividend declaration as stock dividend
Statement for Bonus Share with Fraction
Allotment of Bonus Share Statement (Return Allotment XV)
Bonus Share List with certificate for All Shareholder
Issuing of Pay Order against all Fraction Holder
Sales Process for Fractional Bonus Shares (List of Payment Order)
Certificate Generate from Bonus Share Data
Search Bonus Share By Folio/Certificate.
Bonus Credit Status
Maintain some parameter: Declaration ID (Suspense BOID), Year, Shares position, Bonus Share, Lot Share, Fraction Share, BOID, Credit Date, Remarks
Sales process of bonus fraction shares and distribute to the shareholder
Balance share of Suspense BOID and reconciliation with credited account

AGM Data Management
BOID wise search option
Shareholder Name wise search option
Search option: Name, Address, Contact Number, Father, Mother, Bank Information, etc.
Attendance Confirmation and Revert Attendance
Proxy Management
Maintain user log.
Signature Integration and Verification
List of total attendance (detail)

Corporate Action: when a shareholder try to communicate to know the status, then that concern person will inform him. And according to that shareholders statement, concern person will keep record of that feedback.
Maintain declaration information – dividend (Cash/Stock)
Flexible searching option (name, address, bank information, BOID/Folio, father, mother, share position, warrant number)
Initiate an action to resolve all sort of inquiry/complain/information/distribution etc.
Re-issue a warrant for the case of lost, date expired, recalculation, tax apply etc. [Duplicate]
Action Case has some parameter like release date, execution date, resolve status and remarks.

Shareholder Communication – Call Centre Plan: here both the shareholder and the concern person will communicate on any issue and will keep record.
Separate Communication Panel and link with all operation to track the record and maintain a history
Type of Call (Inquiry / Complain / Request / Amendment / Recommendation etc.)
Way of Communication (Phone Call / Email / Visit Share Office etc.)
Declare a commitment – When and how will serve the shareholder
Deadline for commitment – to ensure the satisfactory service of shareholder
Tentative Communication Date – may assign with the shareholder
Prior Notification to monitor all type of inquiry
After expiring the deadline forward to un-resolve status

Document (Courier) Distribution: Any kind of information regarding summary, annual report, invitation letter or proxy form will be sent to the shareholder by courier. And the information of this courier will be recorded in details. Courier Distribution Plan for All Types of Documents
Maintain some parameter Document ID, Document Description, Courier Name, POD, Document Receiver Name, Receiver Cell Phone Number, Remarks
Flexible Search Option – Easy to open the interface, Parameter: District (like), Area (like), Address (like)
Document Distribution Summary with Graphical Presentation: Here the portfolio of the shareholders will be presented in an outline with graphical view

Document Image Capturing and Archiving: here any graphical image can be uploaded and can be archived against a shareholder.

Bank Payment Status (Define Bank and Branch using the Routing-No and Bank-Sorting: this is used to track any shareholder through bank account number, branch and routing number which will help to transfer through BEFTN.:
Maintain some parameter: Declaration ID, Warrant Number, Bank Information (A/c number, Amount, Bank, Branch), Credit date, Status (Pending, Credited, return)
Bank Payment Entry with Reconciliation: the function of this feature is to give entry for bank payment for the shareholder.

Bank Return of Payment - Return from Bank of Beneficiary: Method of Payments are Online Credit, EFTN (Electronic Fund Transfer), MICR Warrant, Pay order, etc.
Search Option: Bank Wise, Account Wise, BOID/Folio Wise, Name wise, etc.
Entry Log (User and Date info.) maintain in all transaction of record for return from bank
Easy export facility to convert the data in any format (.xls, text, PDF, etc.)
Easy import facility to insert the data (Return Information) in the existing system
Report: Day to Day report (Details/Summery) – Bank wise, Daily or Week or periodical, etc
Maintain a transaction log in banking system (Debit/Credit)
Maintain Declaration Information which will be referred to manage the document distribution through courier service.

General Reports (Essential) :
Group Summary (Category wise)
Share Holder List - Address Label Print for each Shareholder
Share Holder List - Share Holding Percentage (%)
Share Holder List - Share Holder’s List with Address
Share Holder List - Share Holder’s List without Address
Share Holder List - No. of Share Holding Range
Share Holder List - Folio Statement.
Certificate Printing
Duplicate Certificate Print
Classification of shareholding position
Cancel Certificate List
Share Certificate Allocation Statement
Category wise Shareholder List (with or without Address)
Shareholding Status
Annual Return Statement against Transaction Closing
Dividend Warrant Copy Printing
Dividend Warrant Statement for all Shareholder
Tax deduction Statement
Bank Advice Statement>

Advance Reports (On-demand)
Document Distribution Summery Statement
Bank Information Sorting Statement
Scrip Certificate Balance Statement
Bonus Credit Statement with all Statement
Folio wise Bonus Statement
Document Distribution Statement
BOID wise Document Distribution List
Bank Payment Summery Statement
BOID wise Bank Payment Statement
Shareholder List with holding position (Any Date with parameters)
Classification of Shareholding Status (Any Date)
Bank Statement – Date wise (Maintain Debit & Credit)
Tax Return Certificate
Annual Return Statement (Schedule – X)
Half-yearly Category statement (Group Summery)
Return of Allotment Statement (Schedule – XV)
Shareholder Desk Service
Daily resolve summary and History
Daily Un-Resolve Summary and History
Daily in-progress summary and history
Month-End Data Reconciliation

Software Securities and Accessibility :
Completely Brower based application but desktop views
Centralized Data Server Management
Transparency of Information within the Database Program
More Easier to maintain the whole activities
Multi-user support system
Data security, cannot be hacked
Maintain separate identity for each user
Maintain user activity log in all transaction
User accessibility to searching the Progress of Status