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Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited

Hisoft has done a great job in bridging a gap between the employers ...
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Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited

Hisoft has done a great job in bridging a gap between the employers ...
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Home > Enterprise Solutions > SharePlus Standard Edition

SharePlus - Share BackOffice Management System :
A complete software solution on Back Office Management (SharePlus) for the Share Department, which provides the up-to-date shareholding position and other necessary statement which will be covered all sort of compliance under the regulatory board.

Objective: SharePlus will ensure its accuracy and fulfill all requirements of the system if the user handles the system properly. This system is prepared for helping the user to operate the company share system. In order to work with the system, the user must follow the steps. Using our system, we are managing successfully with AGM Attendance, Data Calculation & Processing, and Courier Distribution Tracking, Dividend (Cash & Stock) processing & printing, etc. Recently we also induced the post issue management in our system like IPO Share, Right Share, Stock/Cash Dividend, etc.

SharePlus Standard Edition - General Features (Regular Activities) :
Shareholder Information (Folio & BOID)
Shareholder Category Definition
Search by Folio/BOID or Name
Shareholding Percentage
Shareholder list with address or without address
Shareholder List with a holding range
Shareholding Status Category wise
Category wise shareholder list
Classification of Shareholder by holding range
Annual Return Statement - Schedule X Statement for RJSC
Return of Allotment Statement – Schedule XV for RJSC
Security Movement - Data import from CDBL (RT85)
Upload Share Holding Position (RT14)
Upload Address Label Process (RT03)
Signature Verification
Address Label Print for Half-yearly Report Delivery
Address Label Print for Annual Report Delivery
Address Label Print (Share Classification wise)
Address Label Print (Shareholder Category wise)
List of shareholder for all above criteria

General Reports (Essential) :
Group Summary (Category wise)
Share Holder List - Address Label Print for each Shareholder
Share Holder List - Share Holding Percentage (%)
Share Holder List - Share Holder’s List with Address
Share Holder List - Share Holder’s List without Address
Share Holder List - No. of Share Holding Range
Share Holder List - Folio Statement.
Certificate Printing
Duplicate Certificate Print
Classification of shareholding position
Cancel Certificate List
Share Certificate Allocation Statement
Category wise Shareholder List (with or without Address)
Shareholding Status
Annual Return Statement against Transaction Closing
Dividend Warrant Copy Printing
Dividend Warrant Statement for all Shareholder
Tax deduction Statement
Bank Advice Statement>

Software Securities and Accessibility :
Completely Brower based application but desktop views
Centralized Data Server Management
Transparency of Information within the Database Program
More Easier to maintain the whole activities
Multi-user support system
Data security, cannot be hacked
Maintain separate identity for each user
Maintain user activity log in all transaction
User accessibility to searching the Progress of Status