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Casinos accepting deposits with Discover cards

The authors of the Discover project are known for being the first in the world to offer users the concept of cashback, i.e. refund part of the costs to customers. In 1986, this possibility was met with disbelief by customers, but later became very popular. Technically, Discover cards are no different from other bank cards; they can be used, among other things, to replenish an account in a casino.

Discover was founded in 1985 as a subsidiary of the retail giant Sears. The main competitors are Mastercard and Visa. Moreover, Discover is inferior to them in terms of customer base, but about 50 million customers allows it to confidently stay in 3rd place. And a set of good offers allows you not to worry about the future.

The key difference from Visa and MasterCard is that Discoverer issues its cards through Discover's own banking division. Everyone can get a card of this type, there are no geographical restrictions.

Now let's go through the features of this type of cards:

  • They offer increased credit limits compared to most conventional credit cards;
  • cashback can be up to 10%, depending on the category of purchases. Details need to be clarified, the minimum cashback is 2%;
  • there is an affiliate program. You can refer up to 10 friends per year, and for each of them, if he becomes a Discover client, you will be paid $50. That is, you can earn $500 a year literally out of thin air;
  • there are prepaid cards;
  • there is no card maintenance fee;
  • there are many bonus offers. If you are going to get a card of this type, we recommend that you analyze the structure of your expenses. Some types offer high cashback.

In the US, and in the rest of the world, Discover cards are quite popular, especially among those who set themselves the goal of saving as much as possible using cashback. Although this system cannot be compared with Mastercard and Visa in terms of volume and prevalence, it has its own market share and almost 50 million people use its services.

Since 2006, cards of this type can also be obtained from Discover's partner banks. They are serviced through a separate payment system called Pulse, which has been owned by Discover since 2004.

Advantages and disadvantages of Discover when depositing at a casino

If we consider these cards not for purchases, but as a means of replenishing an account in an online casino, then the following advantages can be distinguished:

  • speed, transactions are carried out almost instantly;
  • security;
  • the ability to control your own losses. I mean prepaid cards. If you use them, then the balance on it will act as a natural limiter of possible losses. Some people are overly gambling, we recommend that they use prepaid Discover cards without fail.

Everything spoils with one drawback - a very small number of casinos allow you to replenish your account in this way. There will not even be a dozen popular casinos that would provide such a method of replenishing an account.

How to choose a casino and fund your account

You can select casinos that support this type of deposit on this page. On the right side, in the “Deposit Methods” section, select Discover and all casinos will be displayed. There are very few of them, not even ten pieces.

As for the replenishment method, it is no different from replenishing with a regular Visa / Mastercard bank card. The player must:

  • enter the top-up amount;
  • enter card details;
  • confirm payment via SMS.

Money comes to your casino account instantly, you can also withdraw in this direction. The only thing that prevents the use of Discover cards for the widespread replenishment of the account is the weak support from the casino. Otherwise, the conditions for cards of this type are not bad. Collapse

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