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Casinos accepting deposits with Teleingreso

This is a local payment system, it was conceived as a payment solution for the Spanish market. But with support for Bitcoin payments, Teleingreso can also be used outside of Spain.

It does not have any restrictions on use and can be used to replenish an account in a casino. Teleingreso is owned by the Spanish company TelePay SL. The name is not well known in the payment systems market, but TelePay is a fairly strong player in the online payment market. The company owns PaySafeCard, NetCash, Ukash services.

TelePay entered the Spanish market in 2004 and entered the Mexican market in 2011. In Mexico, the company is regulated by the CNBV and has an exclusive license to HalCash.

The key feature of the service is that only cash is needed to pay for online purchases. Even a bank account is not needed, which automatically expands the number of potential customers.

To pay for the purchase, you only need to receive the code corresponding to your transaction and deposit the required amount at the Teleinreso payment point. Bitcoin payments are supported. The cryptocurrency option is suitable for those who want to transfer money while outside of Spain, there may not be points that accept cash payments.

Advantages and disadvantages

The scheme of work is quite interesting, there are a couple of serious disadvantages, but there are enough advantages:

  • Everyone with the right amount of money can use it. Neither a bank account nor an account in any payment system is needed;
  • registration is not required;
  • a small commission, only 1.5% of the payment amount will be taken by the service;< /li>
  • absolute payment security. Since you do not leave your data anywhere during the payment process, there is no risk of their theft;
  • Payment range from 1€ to 5000€.

The disadvantages are quite serious:

  • The service is slow and the money is not always credited to the seller with an acceptable delay. Sometimes you have to wait about a day, and the client agreement states that the waiting period can be up to 5 business days. This option is not particularly suitable for replenishing an account in a casino;
  • to get help from technical support, you need to fill out a special form on the site, there is no other communication option;
  • you cannot withdraw money through Teleingreso.
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The key drawback is the translation time. It is unlikely that you want to wait a day or even more until the money comes to your casino account. The payment scheme itself is not very convenient, you need to physically get to the point of receiving payments.

How does the process of replenishing an account in a casino work?

Replenishment of the account is as follows:

  • choose the appropriate deposit method on the casino website;
  • enter the amount, the service will give you a special code, you need to print it out;
  • next with this code you need to go to the Teleingreso payment acceptance point and pay the specified amount in cash. This code contains all the information on the payment - where you need to send money, how much you need to deposit.

An alternative option is to pay the bill in Bitcoins or through MoneyGram, support for both options is indicated on the official website of the payment service.

Teleingreso's casino support is low. We have hundreds of trusted casinos from all over the world in our database, but even in our database only 11 casinos support this deposit method. These are mainly local casinos operating in the Spanish market.


Teleingreso is a very specific type of payment service. On the one hand, it is very convenient that you do not need registration, an account in a particular bank, and other conditions. On the other hand, in terms of payment terms, the service can be compared with a bank transfer, which can be considered a serious drawback. Usually, the decision to play in an online casino is made spontaneously and you are unlikely to wait a couple of days until the money comes to your account.

Because of this, Teleingreso cannot be recommended for casino deposits. The service is not bad, but it is for this type of payment that it is better to choose another option. Collapse

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