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Casinos accepting deposits with LiqPay

This system is the brainchild of the Ukrainian PrivatBank, at the time of its creation, the authors positioned it almost as a killer of PayPal and other popular EPS. Over time, the enthusiasm has somewhat diminished, but the payment system remains popular in Ukraine and neighboring countries. It is used for online purchases, payment for services, and can also be used to pay for loans in a casino.

It was founded several years ago by the Ukrainian PrivatBank and, compared to conventional payment systems, boasts greater protection for the client's money. Since it was created by the largest Ukrainian bank, the money is stored in virtual accounts of the same bank. And this means that the movement of funds is quite tightly controlled.

LiqPay does not have internal wallets like WebMoney, Qiwi or Yandex Money. Instead, you need to link a bank card to your account in the service. Moreover, you will not be able to link a card if the issuer country and the country whose operator services you use are different. That is, you cannot link a card, for example, of a Russian bank with a Ukrainian number in the system.

The system is suitable not only for paying for goods online, but also for transfers to any other cards. You can do this through your personal account, where the history of transfers is also available.

It is impossible to replenish the account in LiqPay, the reason for the ban is related to the NBU resolution No. 378. So all calculations are carried out only through a bank card, without it it will not be possible to work with the system.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Likpay payment system

LiqPay turned out to be quite controversial, there are enough shortcomings, but the system also has advantages. Among the advantages it is worth highlighting:

  • safety of customer funds;
  • speed, security and anonymity of transactions. The security of the system is confirmed by relevant certificates from Visa, MasterCard. When making a payment, a three-stage payment verification is used. The probability of hacking is almost zero;
  • registration is very simple;
  • transactions within the system are free;
  • the minimum transfer amount is small, starting from a few cents;
  • You can link any card, the only condition is that transactions on the Internet must be allowed on it. Don't forget the phone number limit.

There are enough disadvantages:

  • Increased attention to transactions can also be brought into disadvantages. The bank may well freeze the transaction if it seems suspicious to him. Moreover, there are no criteria, so there may be surprises;
  • there are complaints from customers about the work of technical support;
  • there are reports that the money simply hung in the system and did not reach the seller, it was not always possible to return them;
  • do not forget about the commission for withdrawing money, it is small, at the level of 2.5-2.7%, but still there.

As for the comments of dissatisfied customers, it cannot be said with 100% certainty that all of them are true. Nevertheless, there are problems, they cannot be completely dismissed, so LiqPay still has a lot to fix and improve.

Which casinos support account replenishment via LiqPay, how does the account replenishment work?

The search returns only a couple of casinos that support this deposit method. The casino simply does not make much sense to contact this not the most convenient payment system.

As for how payment is made, the algorithm is as follows:

  • The list of payment methods for casino credits should include the LiqPay method. After clicking on the appropriate icon, you need to enter the replenishment amount and click "Pay", after which you will be redirected to the payment system website;
  • to verify the payment, you will need to specify the full bank card details, payment verification via phone and 3D Secure.

Protection in this case is maximum, due to the three-stage verification of the payment, the likelihood of fraud is excluded.


LiqPay is a payment system with maximum protection, but so far it remains “raw”. The main complaints from clients are excessive control of transactions by PrivatBank and periodic problems in transferring funds.

If we consider the system as one of the options for replenishing an account in a casino, then this is clearly not the best option. There are practically no casino options that would allow you to replenish your account in this way. Collapse

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