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You can play for any amount, there are casinos where the cost of a spin starts from 1 cent. If the budget allows, you can play for large sums, even with bets of $5-$15 you will experience completely different emotions. But no matter how much you are going to play, the issue of reliability and security is acute. The network is full of scammers and some of them are very well disguised as respectable casinos.

What is the difficulty of choosing a slot machine. Player Feedback

Any slot machine must meet a number of criteria:

  • administration should not be able to interfere with the results of its work. That is, if the developer has set the return to 95%, then the admins should not be able to change it;
  • money should be withdrawn without problems. People do not play for the purpose of making money, but there is always a chance to hit a solid jackpot. It will be very disappointing if after that they refuse to withdraw money;
  • the casino must be licensed. There are quite strict regulators (for example, Maltese or British). If the operation of slot machines is regulated by them, then this means increased security.

The problem is that even an experienced player cannot always distinguish between a dummy and an honest representative of the gambling business with a superficial study of the casino. You go to the first site with slot machines that comes across, spend money there, and all this time you don’t even suspect that you had no chance of winning from the very beginning.

If you want to withdraw the rest of the money, then most likely you will not be allowed to do this. Dishonest casinos will always find a reason to refuse.

The algorithm for calculating the rating of an online casino

At the bottom of this page you will find a list of casinos, each of which corresponds to a certain rating. This number is obtained as a result of a comprehensive assessment of all factors that players consider when choosing a place to play.

The calculation algorithm includes such parameters as:

  • regulation of the casino. Real money slots should definitely be regulated. Those who have not yet received a license are guaranteed not to be among the TOP list;
  • reviews and opinions of players about the casino. In our calculations, we take into account our own experience of working with the casino and the experience of other players. We filter out black PR from competitors;
  • methods of replenishing an account and withdrawing funds. In short, the rule applies - the more deposit-withdrawal methods, the better. But this criterion is not decisive. If a casino supports several dozen methods of depositing an account, but according to other criteria it meets the title of the middle peasant, then it cannot count on a place in the top part;
  • number of supported languages;
  • number of countries in which are being worked on. The more countries, the more reliable the casino, the bet is not made on any one market. As a result, if the legislation in it changes and the casino will not be able to work in it, then this will have little effect on its financial condition.

In the algorithm, in addition to taking into account these parameters, weighting coefficients are also introduced. That is, each of the criteria is translated into a numerical expression and multiplied by its coefficient. More subtle nuances are also taken into account. For example, if a casino owns 2 licenses, then it will be higher in the rating than a casino with 1 license, all other things being equal.

As a result, we get the most honest and unbiased assessment of the casino of all possible. It is also important that the administration simply does not have the technical ability to influence the results of the calculation. The rating is updated automatically. As soon as there is a significant change in the parameters involved in the calculation, the rating is immediately recalculated.

How to make a decision?

Rating by an order of magnitude facilitates the analysis and comparison of different casinos. If it were not there, you would have to independently search for information on licenses on the sites, study the opinions of other players. Not everyone is ready to perform such a thoughtful analysis, and it would take a lot of time.

And now compare with the advantages of the rating of slot machines:

  • You set up a filter system. It takes 10-15 seconds. On the right side of the screen there are fields for setting 6 filters (by language, currency, country, regulator licenses, gaming software manufacturers, account replenishment methods);
  • go directly to the list and, based on our assessment, you can select suitable casinos . That is, it will take you less than a minute to choose, compared to hours for self-analysis.

The emphasis should be on reliability. It is advisable to choose those representatives of the gambling business, whose reputation is crystal clear, in the past there were no scandals associated with their name. There should be several regulators and it is desirable that they include organizations from the UK and Malta, they are considered one of the most stringent.

But consider various kinds of bonuses as nothing more than a pleasant addition. If you make a choice between 2 casinos with the same high rating, then you can already give preference to the one with the most profitable bonus policy. But in no case do not use bonuses as the main criterion when choosing.

We also recommend reading detailed reviews about the casino. There is a separate link to them in the rating.


Playing slot machines cannot be considered as a source of stable income. But this does not mean that the choice should be approached carelessly and start playing in the first casino that comes across.

Our rating is designed to help you make an informed decision. It is fair, transparent, and designed so that you can evaluate many options from thousands of casinos in less than a minute. Note that the rating is constantly updated automatically. This guarantees honesty and impartiality in the final assessment. Collapse

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