Top casinos by winnings. Search for sites with maximum RTP settings

Gamblers often rate gambling sites by how much they "give away" to them. If there was a return, they are supportive. If there is no return, then the casino is regarded as a scammer. In fact, this thinking is wrong. The amount of return and honesty are not interconnected, if you take into account licensed casinos with original games.

Gambling always takes more than it gives back. The distribution of payments is uneven, so some are lucky, others are not. Players can only choose games in which the theoretical return is higher. Then the chances of success will be higher.

Table and card games have fixed RTPs, but slots are a different matter. Many developers began to release different versions of the same slot machines, and each version has its own return percentage. The operator's relative greed or generosity depends on which version the operator chooses. This is really worth paying attention to.

Searching for a top casino that would be generous with winnings comes down to checking the RTP settings for the slots you are interested in. This is the only real criterion. And the fact that a particular player does not have or has a return is not an argument for fraud, since gambling operators cannot influence the generosity / greed of games. The main thing is to make sure that the games are original and not fake.

Casinos where slots have more returns

Checking the RTP will most likely soon become standard procedure for knowledgeable players. After all, there are more and more developers who offer different versions of slots. That is, in one institution, a slot can be with an RTP of 90%, and in another the same slot with an RTP of 96%. And this is legal, since each version is certified.

In one casino, it is unlikely that all slots will be at the minimum values ​​or all at the maximum. More expect a mixed option. Therefore, each player will have his own top casino rating for potential winnings, depending on the RTP settings of the slots he is interested in.

How to check the RTP of a slot?

It is definitely worth checking what payouts the slots are set up for. The difference in return can be very significant, for example, 84% and 96%. No one consciously wants to play a slot with a minimum return, so information about the RTP is often hidden in the rules of the game.

But sometimes you can find it only if you look into the page code. Such difficulties can arise with Play'n GO slot machines. Details on how to check the real RTP in such cases are shown in the video below.

Basically, just look at the rules of the game. For example, Starburst from NetEnt, which since 2020 is available with different RTP settings. To check whether the most generous version of the return is in front of you or not, you need to open the rules of the game. It's that little question mark at the very bottom of the screen. The RTP is shown in the "Player's Income" section.

Microgaming slot machines have a similar procedure. But when you click on the question mark, a separate window opens, where you need to select Return to Player (RTP) in the sections. Microgaming has also mastered the practice of different RTPs in 2020. But like NetEnt, this does not apply to the entire portfolio. The limiting factor is probably the need to certify each new version.

Choice of casinos that pay

A good return is worth nothing if the casino does not withdraw funds. But the issue of conclusions for some players fades into the background, although both factors are equally important. The ability of the casino to pay out without problems is appreciated.

In this case, player reviews will be an important indicator. From them you can find out how clearly the work on processing conclusions is set. Speed, timing and complexity of account verification.

Complaints are also a good indicator. And not only the content of the complaint is important, but also how the casino approaches solving problems. Responsibly and fairly, or simply ignores complaints.

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